Welcome to Nippolitica


Nippolitica is a blog about my meandering thoughts on the various intersections between Japan, politics, media (especially anime/manga), LGBTQIA+ issues, and everyday life.

Nearly everyone who has been a reader of mine on any of the topics I’ve written about in The Daily Texan and on Jezebel, Jalopnik, and AnimeNow will find something to read about here on Nippolitica. You are still likely to find a lot of my most tightly focused and best work on the sites that pay me (like Jalopnik and AnimeNow)but I often have many opinions that cannot easily or quickly find a home (and for pay) elsewhere. It may also feature my photography, graphics, and video work (for which I am not as well known, and haven’t had as many outlets to share).

Therefore, I have decided to start Nippolitica, and I have set up a patreon. I can also be commissioned, hired, or contacted about reprints at my freelance address kasuga dot manami at gmail dot com or @JezebelKat on Twitter.

Please enjoy, and please seriously consider supporting my work through financial contribution. It’s the best way to make sure creators like myself can continue to bring you interesting, compelling, and entertaining content.


— Kat Callahan (鮎川きお)


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