Kimagure Orange Road, The Wonder Years, And Unanswered Questions of Adolescence

When it comes to my favorite stories, no matter the format, they tend to be about adolescence. There is a universality of experience that cuts across time period and culture, at least to a certain extent in our increasingly globalised society. However, there are stories from different cultural backgrounds or time periods which seem to have very strong parallels. It is known to almost all regular readers that my favorite anime/manga series is Kimagure Orange Road. What they may not know is how influential the American TV show, The Wonder Years, was on me and how I may have recognised its parallels in the discovery of KOR.


Rewatching Ranma 1/2 Twenty Years Later: First Impressions

ranma01 Although Ranma 1/2 technically came out (at least in its first incarnation) as an anime in 1989, I was first presented with its manga in the summer of 1997. As a queer trans girl, it would seem that the story of a boy who turns into a girl would be interesting to me. In fact, I only read and watched it casually. It could never hold a candle to Takahashi Rumiko's other work, Maison Ikkoku, or my own beloved Kimagure Orange Road by Matsumoto Izumi.